Technological Transformation

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Technological Transformation: tools to tell your story effectively

For continuous business growth, executive management requires good processes that guide the Sales and Marketing team and to leverage technology to gain visibility and control over the established process.

Salesforce.com is the world’s #1 business command center. Ownly choses Salesforce because we associate with the exceptional.

Salesforce’s capacity to put customer-centricity at work operationally for your entire organization is second to none. Through Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, customer relationship management reign, through Marketing Cloud and Pardot, customer engagement and brand storytelling are made easy and efficient. With Salesforce, your technology’s priority one is serving your customer.

In alignment with the business objectives, we take strategy to execution. We start by evaluating the existing sales process and the technology used to support it, identifying the challenges faced by both the sides of the coin, the sales organization and the customer, through feedback gathering in the forms of surveys and interviews.

Ownly provides an end-to-end transition roadmap for the Salesforce implementation that favors user adoption. The revamped sales process we design is aligned with the ecosystem and then implemented through Salesforce’s robust functionality. The result is a sales team that is obstacle-free and well-equipped to focus on their core value while the technology becomes the engine that drives it with the customer in the driver’s seat.

Executives become more business intelligent than ever before, empowered by data that helps keep the customer in the center.

Sales Cloud
Service Cloud
Marketing Cloud

Undeniably, an optimized sales performance requires optimized sales tools. It’s virtually impossible to remain competitive without it. And if you expect the best out your sales team, then supply them with the best technology. Sales Cloud is by far the leading sales platform used by corporations to convert a business into revenue generating sales engine

Ownly’s implementation of Sales Cloud and Salesforce CPQ will help your team uncover more leads, close more deals and ensure that your customer is at the center of your business.

At the base of a customer-centric success is a platform that’s core function focuses on boosting customer engagement and delight. Improve your customer experience with Service Cloud, Field Service Cloud, and Communities Cloud keeping the customer as top priority.

Marketing Automation helps reap the most out of your marketing investment, reducing customer acquisition costs and ultimately increase revenue. Use data to easily adjust marketing activities based on their performance and create engagement journeys that drive action and conversion.

Increase your marketing ROI by implementing Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Pardot and take back control of your marketing efforts.