The Why

Ownly was born upon the discovery that organizations believe that selling is a necessary evil rather than a cultural approach.

Richard Maltais, Managing Partner of Ownly

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Why choose ownly

Connecting to your client is the ownly way to thrive.
Telling a powerful story is the ownly way to connect
Owning your story is the ownly way to define your success

Good businesses are started with a good idea and the expertise to turn that idea into reality. But great businesses are not only capable of starting, but of continuing and sustaining growth. We too often see leading subject matter experts, organizations that are truly phenomenal in creating yet remain crippled in bridging the gap between their product and their end-customer.

We hate to see that potential go to waste. We help them break free from an internally-oriented mindset and convert their thinking and process to lead them to connect with clients and stakeholders, so they leverage the information to optimize their value and scale their business.

The customer-centric mindset Wins. Every. Time.

Throughout time, the human has been naturally captivated, evoked and guided by powerful stories. It has an undeniable ability to turn the complicated simple, the incomprehensible understandable and the bland intriguing.

What’s more is that it ignites emotions that relate to our core needs and desires. You cannot deny the people behind the business, ultimately, they are those you are speaking to - tell them your story.

Teams that invest in the inner work required to re-discover and unleash their true brand story feel a renewed sense of pride, purpose and commitment to creating exceptional client moments. Customers in turn, mirror that positive energy.

They are drawn to it organically because of its authenticity, they are excited to be associated with your brand and happy to evolve into passionate advocates of its success.

Why choose Customer-Centricity?

There are four action-driving emotions we help you activate and elevate:
Connecting to your client is the ownly way to thrive.

Because without a customer-centric culture, your every decision is fundamentally rooted in the wrong place. The most important driver of industry are the demands of its users. Only the customer holds this much power and using this knowledge to your advantage is the best basic strategic decision you will make.

Ownly instills a customer-centric mindset that transcends silos and solidifies it with processes and tools, so it lasts.

How proud are you of your brand, your company and your team? Without a sense of pride for what you do and why you do it, it is impossible to expect others to be proud of you nor to find the desire to shout it out from the rooftops (i.e. commercialize it). A lack of pride equates disinterest which manifests into negligence and reservation.

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You must be truly interested in your customers; in solving their problems and making their lives better. Spending time listening to them and innovating to serve them is your core driver. Do your customers needs motivate you and inspire your creativity?

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Act on your confidence and execute on your aligned decisions to reap results fearlessly, even the sometimes hard and unpopular ones. Courage comes from the vulnerability to let yourself be seen unapologetically and insights the readiness to take risks, differentiate yourself and lead with influence.

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You must be convinced that you have what it takes at the base or your organization and at the top of it to propel yourself, your team and your organization forward. We help you build that confidence with tried and true strategies, tools and processes that validate your every decision.

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