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Salesforce is the world’s #1 business command center. Ownly choses Salesforce because we associate with the exceptional. Salesforce’s capacity to put customer centricity at work operationally for your entire organization is second to none. Through Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, customer relationship management reign, through Marketing Cloud and Pardot, customer engagement and brand storytelling are made easy and efficient. With Salesforce, your technology’s number one priority is serving your customer

Accounting Seed

Accounting Seed has proven to be a flexible, robust, and scalable financial software that leverages the Salesforce ecosystem to inject financial teams with advantageous reporting capabilities. Further, being built in salesforce, allows Sales and Finance teams to collaborate destroying the historical silos between the two

Mission Control

Mission Control is an online project management software system, native to Salesforce. With a suite of first-class features, it equips businesses with all the tools and processes needed to deliver consistently efficient projects across the board.


The conga solutions (Conga composer, conga sign, conga contracts etc) are extremely flexible and can be adapted to the needs of our clients regardless of their size.  From the generation of documents leveraging salesforce data to the complete lifecycle of a contract , Conga is a tool that allows users to maximize the efficiency of their processes and crush complexities at the same time.